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5 Ways Law Firms Can Take Advantage of Professional Corporate Photography

Are you an attorney contemplating if you should hire a professional corporate photographer for your firm?

Come to think of it, one of the most visited pages on your law firm’s website after the home page is your bio page, which contains headshots of you and your team members.

A client will learn more about you and your firm, from the bio page, even before they contact you.

Therefore, it is essential that your headshot image creates a stellar first impression and is taken by a professional photographer.

Below are 5 ways a professional photographer can benefit your law firm:

1. Makes an impactful impression

A professional headshot gives your audience a preview of your personality. You might not be able to capture that via a pocket camera under overcast skies or under fluorescent lighting. That’s where the experience of an expert photographer comes in.

A professional photographer will help in delivering a quality image, with the right setting and lighting, that captures your personality and makes a strong impression.

Also, the equipment used by a professional corporate photographer will ensure that your images are authentic, high quality, and make a strong and confident statement.

2. Captures the right headshot

Getting a good headshot can be a cumbersome task.

You need to be aware of how it is going to be presented and what it is going to say about you. Since your headshot will be a primary introduction to most of your clients you need it to accurately convey your personality and character.

A professional photographer ensures that your headshot captures your eyes, face and definition of the jaw accurately, so that you look confident, knowledgeable as well as approachable.

3. Keeps your branding in mind

Your website is prime real estate for your audience to learn more about your firm and to also get an insight into your knowledge, personality and expertise, before they decide to inquire about your services or hire you.

Before simply shooting photos, a professional photographer will keep your website and overall branding in mind. He or she will then suggest recommendations including backdrops of your firm, that may include your office, your favourite items and accolades and awards.

Besides just your website, pictures taken by a professional can also be used across various different platforms, such as social media, press releases, or in an email as a digital signature. Others could also be used as part of a banner, brochures, a slideshow or a standalone image.

4. Accurately depicts your firm

You may be tempted to try and blend in and replicate what other law firms are doing. However, this could be detrimental to your originality.

 Instead of imitating a pose or image, contemplate what your unique selling proposition is and how you can bring that to light with pictures of your firm.

Start by making a list of 3 to 5 things that set your firm apart and then ask the professional photographer for suggestions on how to incorporate that in your images.

5. Provides value for money

It is important to know what shots you need as well as how and where you need them. This will save you both time and money when the professional photographer arrives with his camera and equipment to your office. Most professional photographers will charge on a half-day or a full-day basis.

Here are some of the things you can do to make the most of your time with the professional photographer:

Dress for success

Wear clothing that sends a crisp, confident and professional message to the viewer. Avoid clothes that have small repeated shapes (like chequered patterns, flowers, dots) or stripes. Make sure your clothing will not look abrupt if it is cropped at shoulder or waist height.

Keep it simple and clean

Try to keep your surroundings clean and simple. If you are planning to take the photo at your desk, make sure that there are no distracting items such as books, pens or paper that can clutter the photograph.


To break the monotony of the photos in just an office setting, you could also consider taking a couple of shots outside in natural light. This could be a shot of the entire team in nature, or outside the office.

Environmental portraits

Environmental portraits capture every attorney of your firm in action. Such photographs depict them in different places and is not limited to just the face. These can be posted on your website and are great for sharing on social media.

Corporate lifestyle

These are action shots of your team working. It could be in a meeting room, a formal presentation or a client discussion session.

Multiple images

Get everyone on the team to dress up for the “photo shoot day” and take as many candid and group photos that you can. The more pictures you have the more choice you have for your website and social media channels.

Still on the fence about hiring a professional corporate photographer for your law firm?

Remember, a good photo can create a lasting first impression and can get a potential client to pick you over your competition!

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