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Why Now is the Best Time to Get a Corporate Headshot in Toronto

A professional corporate headshot is just like your business card, and is generally your first impression to prospective employers.

In the current Covid-19 situation, if you want to use social media to leverage its benefits to your business or career, selfies are not going to meet the mark, and you still need to get your corporate headshot in Toronto taken by hiring a professional.

Also, since people are losing their jobs and many others are working from home, now is the best time to revamp your profile and stand out in front of employers.

At Capture it! Photography, we make sure to capture your best pose, while maintaining social distancing and observing all the necessary safety protocols.

In this post, we’ll discuss why now is the best time for you to get a corporate headshot in Toronto:

Makes you relevant

In every industry or field of expertise it is important to stay up to date with the current times. If your skill sets are not updated, potential clients may pass your services to find someone else who presents their business and themselves with new and updated features. This also holds true for your profile photo. Hiring managers skimming through online searches need an “eye catcher” that immediately says “You are the professional that can get my job done!”

Enhances your first impression

Your photo is the first thing that pops up when your name is searched, whether it is on your business profile, social media account or LinkedIn page. It’s the first impression people get of you, before meeting you in person. A well-taken corporate headshot can convey your personality well beforehand. For example, a serious look portrays determination while a smile portrays approachability.

Keeps your profile fresh

Updating your corporate headshot on a regular basis keeps your profile fresh. Discontinue the use of a headshot that was taken 10 years ago. If a prospect or a client meets you and sees someone who currently looks very different from their online profile, they will feel an immediate disconnect.

Conveys professionalism

A well-taken headshot conveys professionalism. Potential clients, collaborators, and investors don’t know you personally, but are more likely to agree to the first meeting by seeing your corporate headshot on your website or LinkedIn profile.

Boosts your confidence

A professional headshot will make you feel more confident, help to create a positive vibe about yourself and put your brand out there in front of your clients even before your first meeting with them. It does the initial ground work for you. A well-taken professional headshot will project you as a strong, confident and approachable corporate person.

Find a photographer that you are comfortable working with. Photography can often be a bit intimidating, so it is important to find someone who understands the kind of image that you want to portray of yourself and your brand.

A professional photographer will help bring out the best in you, choose the appropriate backdrop, lighting and also give you tips on the best outfit to wear. They will even help you relax and loosen up in front of the camera to capture your best headshot.

So, why wait? Get a corporate headshot in Toronto and consider it as an investment in yourself and your brand! Give us a no-obligation call today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

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