At Capture it! Photography, we help busy professionals achieve their ideal photographic portrait, LinkedIn headshots, or professional headshot in Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA for all their marketing, public and personal needs.

We understand the anxiety and fear most clients have when they sit in front of that big camera (trust us...we've wiped a few brows). We take the time to create a pleasant and fun atmosphere to draw out the true you! We don’t rush the process, but take our time to create and capture that perfect memorable moment on camera. Our mission is to want every client to feel, "WOW! That was enjoyable and the photos look great!"

Portrait & Professional Headshot Gallery

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At Capture It! Photography, our mission is to deliver the absolute best Linkedin headshots and professional headshots in Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA possible. We work with you at every step to plan out the photos that will represent you at your very best.

Why Book Your Professional Headshots with Us

  • The theme of our approach is to take our time, inject humour (if possible) and try to relax the client so that they are comfortable in front of the camera
  • Almost 99% of clients have never taken professional photos and feel intimidated when confronted with the studio setup, the lights, and that ominous stool
  • As soon as you point the camera at the clients, some think that it’s a firing squad! Yikes!
  • So, we take our time, show the client that they look marvelous and that it’s not the end of the world
  • Because most quotes include an additional wardrobe change, some bring enough clothes that they have to be told that they are not moving in!
  • We take time to look through the outfits to determine the right fit for their needs. Sometimes, we do test shots of a couple of outfits to see which ones work best
  • Most photographers do not offer this level of service for the fee that we charge. We think of it as value added.

Portrait & Professional Headshot Packages

For on-location photography, we bring the full studio to your location with your choice of background colors. Our packages offer flexibility to meet your requirements.
Private Photo In Studio Session $200 plus HST
  • 1 hour of photography
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes
  • 1 Fully retouched photo to your liking
  • Online gallery of watermarked photos to choose from
  • By Appointment Only

On Site Location Private Photo Session $325 plus HST
  • 1 hour of photography
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes
  • 1 Fully retouched photo to your liking
  • Online gallery of watermarked photos to choose from
  • By Appointment Only
On Site Location Group Photo Session $650 plus HST
  • 3-5 people included with a maximum of 2-hour service
  • All full resolution files without any retouching
  • Files are uploaded to for easy retrieval
  • Time allocation for the each person in the group is to be determined by the company
  • By Appointment Only

Additional fees:
  • Additional fully retouched photos are $75 each
  • Additional unretouched photos are $25 each

Please contact us for larger group photo sessions or for specialty needs such as conventions and tradeshow headshot booths.

Professional Headshot FAQs

1What should I wear for the photo session?
For any professional headshot, the rule of thumb is to wear what your clients expect you to wear. If you’re a banker, a photo with a T-Shirt will convey the message that you’re a very relaxed, carefree person. This does not mean an image of someone who will manage your money seriously. Dress for the part you want to project.
2What colour background should I have for my session?
White is becoming the most common colour for most corporate headshots today. It represents a clean, simple look that can be used for multiple scenarios such as social media, corporate websites, and presentation purposes. Graphic artists love it too because they can extract you from the image and place you in different backgrounds. Other colours such as grey and black emit a very different look that can be striking. For example, a blond-haired person appropriately photographed with a black background makes the subject pop from the background. Please note that black backgrounds for dark-haired subjects should be avoided so that the subject doesn’t blend with the background.
3Should I have my headshot photographed in a studio or outdoors?
The answer to this question is a bit tricky. If you’re a person that deals with the environment, then a photo outdoors will convey your profession more clearly than on a white background. If you’re a mortgage broker, having your photo done in a field of flowers doesn’t communicate an accurate message to your client. A mortgage broker, home inspector, construction worker, or car mechanic may want their photos taken in their work environment. Please note that these photos will not be easily manipulated for other purposes later.
4How long does the session take?
For in-studio photography, an hour is generally required. We take our time, relax the client and make the session enjoyable. I always get, "I only need you to take a few shots! It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes." It never takes a few pictures to get a good portrait. We provide you with a minimum of 100 photos to choose from. Walmart does five shots; we don’t.
5When can I see the photos?
We preview all the photos during and after each session and mark the initial likes. At that point, we determine if we got what we need and the client is satisfied or go back and shoot some more. The goal is to have an excellent selection of photos to choose from. The most common complaint is that there are too many good ones to pick from.
6Do you do Photoshop to enhance my already perfect features?
Digital enhancements are available to all clients. My approach is to make a slightly better version of you without overdoing it. Blemishes, stray hairs, bags under the eyes, and other enhancements are available upon request. You may want to shed a few pounds, but when the client sees you, you don’t want them to think, "WOW! You've gained weight!"
7How do I know if I’m happy with the retouching?
Every photo chosen will be sent to you for your approval before we send the final images. We send up to 3 drafts for your review and approval. This ensures that your eyes are really blue, and the bags under your eyes are gone.
8How can professional headshots with Capture It! Photography help me?
We take our time when we photograph you. Our intent is to capture your best moment. Headshots are meant to portray your best. We are not doing an art photo of you where we want to pierce your soul to get to your pure essence! No, our approach is to make you the best you can be. We can also provide that soul search photo too, but that might take a little longer :)

Professional Headshots Toronto Testimonials

  • Hailey Chan
    I would highly recommend Capture It! Photography for taking professional headshots. We had such a great experience with Paul at our event – he came for two days to take headshots for hundreds of attendees at our annual trade show. He was friendly, our guests were comfortable and the photos turned out great! They came the week after and we’re already seeing people update their LinkedIn profiles!
    Hailey Chan
    The Institute for Performance and Learning, Toronto, ON
  • Stan Loyola, VP
    Recently, we had professional head shots of our entire team and a number of group and corporate shots. Paul Spatafora came highly recommended to us, and we are delighted with the results. Not only was he pleasant and instantly put even the most camera shy of us at ease, his work made us all look great. We highly recommend him to any company looking for a professional photographer.
    Stan Loyola, VP
    Diallog Telecommunications, Toronto, ON
  • Nadine Evans, CEO
    Paul Spatafora of Capture It! Photography is an absolute joy to work with, and we have had the pleasure of using his services several times both for head shots for our board as well as coverage for events. He is extremely professional, his work is excellent, and the follow-up is very efficient. He’s always a joy to deal with!
    Nadine Evans, CEO
    Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP), Vaughan, ON
  • Gaetano Barrila
    We had the pleasure of working with Paul of Capture It! Photography to take our team picture and profile pictures. I cannot say enough good things about Paul's professionalism, knowledge, and caring nature.  He brings all of these things to the table when completing any task.  Our image and our branding is important to us and we were happy to have found a photographer that shared that vision with us.  He made us look great and professional.  I would highly recommend Paul for all your photography needs!
    Gaetano Barrila
    Barrila Law, Vaughan, Ontario
  • Julian Pancer
    The Chef Upstairs was in need of professional photographs for our “Meet the Chefs” page on our website. Needless to say, chefs are not the easiest people to get to stay in one place and smile for the camera. Here was the resounding response from the chefs and management team of The Chef Upstairs: Paul Spatafora of Capture It! Photography was exceptionally professional and likeable, the experience was fun, comfortable and anything, but stuffy. Paul helped build a bond between our team, making the photo shoot feel like a team-building party. Paul didn’t just take thousands of pictures with the hope of scoring a few good ones; he took the time to get plenty of “the right shots” of each of us before moving on to the next. Spatafora made me feel like a celebrity, a true guru of his trade. Professional, funny, handsome and he delivers what he promises. Only question; Is he single? Thank you Paul Spatafora of Capture It! Photography for capturing a fun and memorable experience! We will definitely use you for all of our upcoming food and event photography needs!
    Julian Pancer
    Co-Owner, The Chef Upstairs

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