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5 Tips for Choosing a Professional Event Photographer in Toronto

Are you in need of a professional event photographer in Toronto to capture your upcoming corporate event, company party, or outdoor retreat?

If you’re on the hunt for a Toronto event photographer, you may already have started to realize what an overwhelming task it can be. There are literally hundreds of event photographers in Toronto that you can choose from, each with varying photographic styles, levels of experience, cost brackets and more.

So how do you decide?

Read on to discover some handy tips to keep in mind when choosing the ideal photographer for your event:

1. Budget, budget, budget

For most people this is the deciding factor for choosing their event photographer, so we didn’t want to shy away from hiding this point deeper in the post. Let’s face it, budget is important to consider when making your choice, however knowing your budget is even more critical. Determining the length of your event will help you to better understand your budget. Is it a 2 hour business networking event or a 3-day conference?

Also understand that the budget for your photographer depends on several key factors such as travel time, photography equipment required, post-event retouching and the photographer’s day rate. It also depends on where you live, so if you live in a major city such as Toronto, you may pay higher than what you’d pay if you lived in the suburbs.

Lastly, remember that more often than not you do get what you pay for, so look for the best value that works within your budget, instead of going for the cheapest deal.

2. Experience matters

If you’re having an event with just a few attendees, as compared to an event with over 500 attendees – experience  is going to matter. When deciding on a photographer, make sure to ask if they have handled events the same size as yours.

It may also be important to get a feel of the industries they have worked in and find out if they have at least some know-how of handling events similar to yours. For example, a wedding photographer in Toronto may be good, but may not have all the skills needed to cover a large-scale corporate event.

Most professional event photographers will also have an online portfolio for you to browse and determine their scope of work and see the types and scale of events they have covered. This will give you a good idea of the types of shots they take, their photography style, and help you decide if they are a good fit for you.

3. Do your homework

Google can help you narrow the search for a good event photographer in Toronto, but once you’re on their website, there are a few things you should look for. First, take a look at the photographer’s portfolio and their typical style of photography. Many experienced photographers will take photos in varied styles, to capture the essence of the event they are covering. This could include classic poses, panoramic shots, or a more commercialized style for marketing material.

Also, take a look at the website itself. A poorly designed website may indicate a lack of experience, so be cautious. Many sites will also have testimonials from previous clients, read these to gain insight on what people are saying about the photographer and the services provided by them.

4. Discuss the details

There’s a lot more to event photography than just the photo shoot on the day of the event. To make sure you get the perfect photos that best catalog your event, you’ll need to make sure that the photographer brings all the equipment required for the best shoot. This could mean bringing all the necessary lighting, cameras, lenses, computers, printers, backdrops, and even a corporate portrait photo booth if required.

Also discuss delivery options such as how many images you can expect, how soon they will be delivered, how you can view the photos, retouching and printing options and more. Discussing the details beforehand will ensure a hassle-free experience.

5. Establish a level of comfort

Getting to know the photographer, and establishing a certain level of comfort with them is very important before you make the final decision. Developing this type of chemistry goes beyond just email exchange. As a first step, try to reach them by phone to build a quick rapport. Are they easy to talk to? Did they answer all your questions freely?

If you’re hiring them for a larger corporate conference or a major company event, meeting them in person is highly recommended.  That way you can be rest assured that they have the right people skills to interact with your staff and event attendees on your big day.

Once you’re satisfied, and all the boxes for the above criteria are checked off, it’s time to hire your event photographer in Toronto!

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