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How to Prepare for Professional Headshots in Vaughan

In an increasingly digital world, you definitely need a professional headshot whether you are a business person updating your corporate website or a professional looking to update your LinkedIn profile.

A well-taken professional headshot is not just a good-to-have but a must-have. It’s a necessary tool to market yourself and can be used on company websites, collaterals, and social media channels. 

In this post, we’ll discuss 5 tips that will help you prepare for professional headshots in Vaughan or anywhere else:

1. Choose a photographer and schedule an appointment

Photographers are each unique in their own way. They have their own shooting and editing style. Additionally, based on their experience and expertise they also have a different price tag. It’s always best to view a couple of online portfolios of photographers in the Vaughan neighbourhood. By doing this, you will be able to gauge their quality and shortlist them.

Once you have finalized your photographer, call and schedule a time for a photo-shoot. Since the headshot session packs a lot in a short time, it is best to prepare in advance for the shoot. Share information about yourself and the expectations that you have from the headshot. This will help the photographer to take the headshot as per your satisfaction.

2. Relax

Sounds simple, but relaxing is important to ensure that you have plenty of time before and after the shoot and are not in a rush to get the shots taken. Staying calm before the shoot is important so that you are relaxed during the shoot. If you are not relaxed or are in a stressful mood it will reflect on your face, through expression and body language. Overall, this will result in poor quality and an unsatisfactory headshot.

Have a snack, hydrate yourself, and freshen up with a joke and a smile. Keep your spine erect and be attentive to the photographer’s directions before every click.

3. Avoid busy looking clothes and jewellery

Choosing the right clothing for a headshot might sound difficult, however eliminating some things that do not work in pictures might work out to be much easier. Avoid bold colours or distracting patterns on clothing that might take the attention away from your headshot. On the other hand, keep away from wearing all-white dress shirts or blouses if you are not wearing a sweater or jacket over it.

Also, it is best to avoid reflective and shiny elements in clothing. The same is true for jewellery. Avoid any jewellery that is distracting such as earrings that are longer than an inch and overly reflective accessories.

4. Prepare yourself

The more you prepare for the shoot, the better the outcome. Look in the mirror and find your good side. If you have an eye that is visibly smaller, bring that side of the face towards the camera. Don’t be shy to try different expressions during the shoot to see which one best matches your style and personality.

Carry a small supply kit whether you plan to have a short session or one that lasts a couple of hours. It should include some basic grooming supplies such as a lip balm and a hairbrush. Ensure that you relax and take a breather after a few shots.

5. Keep makeup and hairdo simple

Ideally, your makeup and hairdo should be kept as simple as possible. The idea is to look natural while at the same reducing any undesired elements of the face in the headshot.

The make-up should look clean and the skin tone can be made even by applying a layer of translucent powder to the face and neck. It might even be a good idea to get your makeup professionally done before the shoot to deliver the best results.

See how we can help with professional headshot photography in Vaughan. Give us a call today!

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