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Need to Sell a Property? Here’s Why You Should Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Did you know that according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 56% of potential home buyers start their home search online, 43% ultimately purchase a home they found online, and a whopping 92% use the web at some point during their home search process.

This means that the consumer is no longer relying on just the realtor to search for a home.

Apart from the features of a home listed online, the pictures make a huge impact. A good photograph can make all the difference between selling the property in weeks versus months.

Due to this shift in consumer behavior, it is necessary that real estate photography is done by a professional, as the first impression of the property can lead to a quicker buying decision.

Listed below are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional real estate photographer:

1. Listings sell faster

According to a news report, real estate listings that used professional photos sold 32 percent faster than listings that did not have professional photos.

This is the primary and most important benefit of hiring a professional real estate photographer in Toronto, or wherever you have a home to sell.

For real estate agents, this will translate to faster turnovers in sales, resulting in more commission checks.

2. Brings professional expertise to the table

Professional photographers are really “art directors”. They know that to impress the customer you only need a couple of well-angled pictures that attract and give a warm welcoming feeling.

Additionally, they arrive equipped with their professional cameras and accessories. So, they can cover dark basements as well as dimly lit exteriors, where a simple point and shoot camera simply won’t do the job.

Same room. Notice the difference?

3. Costs of hiring a professional photographer pays for itself

Listings that have higher quality photos are MUCH more appealing and attractive and can actually fetch higher prices.

This justifies hiring a professional, because as a seller, you can now sell the property for a higher price which will easily cover the cost of hiring a professional photographer, and then some.

4. Highlights the features of the property

Emotion plays a big role during the purchase of a home. A poorly furnished home or an empty home will simple not have the same impact as a furnished home, where someone can actually picture themselves lying on a couch or sitting  at the dining table.

Therefore, to some extent when highlighting the features of the property the photography also needs to be staged. A professional photographer can offer a lot of value by giving their inputs and suggesting how the furniture can be placed and rearranged in the room. Simple shifts can often make a huge difference in the final photographs.

All of this helps the potential buyer to envision themselves living in the house, leading to faster purchase decisions.

5. Professional picture composition and edits

The two main aspects of photography are lighting and angles. A professional photographer will aim to get the best combination of these two to deliver the perfect shots. To achieve this, they will need to first thoroughly study the property and scout the right areas for the shoot.

After that, the next step is to create the perfect picture composition, i.e. to decide the main subject of the photo and other elements that need to be included.

Finally, the last step is to choose the best pictures, edit and enhance them so that they are ready to be published on the internet.

Last Words…

Just like you eat with your eyes first, photos taken professionally make an immense difference in getting your listing noticed.

If you’re an agent, get professional photos for your listings. If you’re a seller, DON’T settle for an agent who does not!

See how we can help with real estate photography in Toronto. Give us a call today!

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  1. I love that you mentioned having pictures taken professionally of your properties helps them sell faster. One of my aunts works in the real estate industry, and lately, she’s having trouble getting her brand noticed. I checked her company’s brand, and I noticed their pictures are really ugly. That’s why I think she could use the help of a professional photographer, and with your article, she’ll be more interested in it. Thanks for the information about the benefits of professional photography in the real estate business.

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